Social impacts

The social benefits of IGCP#592 are related to mining geology, mineral resources, environmental studies and training of students and young scientists. The 2012 Project activities contributed to better prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits through better understanding of their formation and evolution in relation to continental construction processes (NovosibirskConf. Proc.; IGC34 Proc.; Kislov (Ed.), 2012), Dolgopolova et al. (2012) and environmental impact (Krivonogov et al., 2012). Young scientists and students actively participated in many project activities, especial during the meetings in Novosibirsk, Ulan-Ude and Hong Kong (see Milestone Meetins, Project Application and Annual Reports).

The social benefits result from i) focused resource studies to obtain a better understanding of mineral deposits’ formation and societal needs; ii) environmental impact of continental construction processes, and iii) training of young scientists. The list of training courses for young scientists and field works with participation of young scientists see in the 2013 Annual Report (to be available after approve by UNESCO-IUGS) and at Field Works.

Educational activities in 2013

1. Field training on mineral deposits; Khivy-Sultan-Uvais, Uzbekistan; 9 participants from Uzbekistan, Norway and UK; supervisor: Prof. Reimar Seltmann; April 26 – May 3, 2013;
2. Field training on OPS; Mino accretionary complex, Inuyama area, Japan; 5 participants from Japan, Russia and USA; supervisor: Prof. Shigenori Maruyama; May 12-13, 2013; photo
3. Seminar on the CAOB and WP; University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan; 12 participants from Japan and Russia; supervisors: Prof. Tsuyoshi Komiya, Dr. Inna Safonova; May 29, 2013; photo
4. Field training on mineral deposits; Irtysh shear zone, Oskemen, Kazakhstan; 9 partitipants from Kazakhstan and UK; supervisor: Prof. Reimar Seltmann; June 15-30, 2013;
5. Best poster challenge at the10th IAGR Symposium; KIGAM, Daejeon, Korea; 34 PG and PhD students from China, Japan and Republic of Korea; Judging committee: Profs. Winkler and Oh; Oct. 2, 2013;
6. Field training for young scientists; Lake Baikal, Russia; supervisor: Prof. S. Rasskazov; August 20-23; photo.
7. Short course “Geodynamics & Metallogeny of central Asia"; EKSTU, Oskemen, Kazakhstan; 8 PhD students; supervisor: Reimar Seltmann; October 6-19, 2013; photo.
8. Short lecture course on environmental problems connected with geological processes in Central Asia; Kyzyl-Orda University, Kazakhstan; supervisor: Prof. S. Krivonogov, December 2-16, 2013; photo.

Educational activities in 2014

1. A training module on mineral deposits at the MDSG annual meeting in Oxford and methodology training for 3 Kazakh PhD students at NHM in London, UK, January 2014; supervisor: R. Seltmann.
2. A training course at East Kazakhstan Science-Technical University (EKSTU) Oskemen, Kazakhstan, March 2014; supervisor: R. Seltmann.
3. A seminar on Asia tectonics, IGM SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia, March 2014;  supervisor: I. Safonova.
4. Best student poster challenge
at the ICCD in Xi’an, China, April 28, 2014; 74 PG and PhD students from China, India, Japan, and Republic of Korea; supervisors: Prof. S. Tsunogae, Dr. I. Safonova.
The International Workshop on Convergent Margins in Trabzon, Turkey, May 21-23, 2014, included lectures of leading scientists for researchers and students from European and Asian universities; supervisor: Dr. Yener Eyuboglu.
6. Pre-symposium workshop for UG, PG and PhD students “Processes in magma chambers with implication to genesis of ore deposits” at 12th International Platinum Symp., Yekaterinburg, Russia, August 9-10, 2014; supervisors: Dr. R. Latypov, Prof. S. Barnes.
7. Best student poster challenge at the11h IAGR Symposium; CUGS, Beijing, China; 42 PG and PhD students from China, Japan, Republic of Korea and Russia; supervisors: Drs. N. Rogers, S. Glorie, E. Andreeva; September 20, 2014;
8. Seminar “Continental construction in Central Asia and Deep Mantle processes” at the Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology, November 14, 2014; supervisors: Prof. J. Hernlund, Dr. I. Safonova.
9. Short lecture courses on the sedimentary records of lakes Baikal and Aral in Central Asia focused on past climate changes and environmental problems; IGM SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia, September 27, 2014; Gifu University, Gifu, Japan; supervisor: Prof. S. Krivonogov, December 10, 2014; Aoyama University, Tokyo, Japan; supervisor: Prof. S. Krivonogov.

Educational activities in 2015

Seminar on the Central Asian Orogenic Belt at the University of Hongkong, April, 2015; supervisors: Prof Guochun Zhao; Prof. Sergey Krivonogov, Ass. Prof. Zhonghui Liu, Dr. I. Safonova.

1. Article in a Kazakhstan newspaper about a conference linking environmental, social and cultural problems of Central Asia:
2. Article and TV program in Kazakhstan mass media about a public lecture by Prof. S. Krivonogov on environmental geology of Central Asia: id=915%3A2013-12-11-10-01-12&catid=1%3Alatest-news&Itemid=50&lang=ru
3. Article in Geological Society of Japan News magazine on the planned joint IAGR-IGCP meeting in Tsukuba, October, 2015 (pages 1, 2).
4.Media news about the “International Workshop on Convergent Margins”:;;
5. An article about Meeting#6 mentioning UNESCO-IGCP in the CUGS website newspaper:
6. An interview of project participant Prof. S. Krivonogov in “Science in Siberia” (no. 23 of November 19, 2015, p.) newspaper who shared his experience and results of research activities on recent sedimentation, climate and environmental changes linked to the recent tectonics of the CAOB. (
7. An interview of Project Leader Inna Safonova about our IGCP#592 Project “Science in Siberia” (no. 26 of December 3, 2015) who told about the project from its scientific background and application to the outstanding results we have achieved (
8. Advertisement of IGCP#592-linked events at the GR website: article/pii/S1342937X14003165
9. A popular article at the website of the Novosibirsk State University “Geologists proposed a new model for intracontinental magmatism”  about a paper in Tectonophysics (
10. A popular article in journal “Science and Life” (in Russian) “Stone kept history of oceans” (pdf in Russian).
A popular article at the website of the Novosibirsk State University "Scientists proposed a new approach for identification of oceanic rocks and reconstruction of paleo-oceans" about a paper published in Gondwana Research (
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